Product maintenance

Regular maintenance of wood products is very important to maintain their appearance and properties. Use only lukewarm water and ordinary dishwashing detergent for washing wooden products, do not leave the products in water for a long time. It is important to let the water run off the products and let them dry thoroughly.

Do not clean in the dishwasher!

Constant contact with heat and water can damage your wooden platter and cause it to bend and crack Extreme heat causes wood to bend so placing your wooden platter in direct sunlight for a long period of time can disfigure your platter.

When considering, you can treat naturally dried wood with cooking or olive oil.

Some information about beech wood

The beech that grows in our area is Fagus sylvatica, the European beech as it is also known. It is native to central, eastern and western Europe and parts of Asia (Iran). It grows from altitudes of 300-500 m in light valleys with loose soil to altitudes of 1200-1400 m. In Romania a lot is found the northern part of the country. It generally grows up to 25-30 m, reaching a diameter of 1.5 m. There are, however, specimens that can reach a height of 40 m and a diameter of 2 m. The trunk is straight, with greenish-grey bark, oval leaves and small, spiny fruit.

The wood is hard, tough, with high resistance to pressure. The fibre is straight, with a fine to medium texture. The pores are visible, evenly spaced and smaller than those of oak.

The annual rings are more visible than those of oak. The colour of the young tree is yellowish-white, becoming reddish-white towards maturity, with a red heart. By steaming the colour becomes uniform and the wood becomes stronger, more uniform and no longer absorbs moisture