About Faboltray and our products

  We started with hand carving, but today thanks to mechanized technology we can make our products in such a way that they are of uniform quality, the pieces of tableware are exactly identical and their depth is the same. We can create special, unique shapes for our wooden bowls, so we also undertake the production of personalized products on demand.
Our company has been making wooden plates since 2004.
Our customers include wholesalers, restaurants and demanding individuals who love gastronomy and pay attention to the details of serving. Our products are very popular in many European countries.

The basic material of the platters is beech wood. Prior to the manufacturing process, the raw material is steamed for 3 days and then dried to a specified percentage. This process takes up to 10-15 days.
This will prevent the finished product from deforming or cracking.

Unique prices for resellers.

If you or your company are interested in a larger lot or a long-term partnership, please contact us by email at faboltray@gmail.com so that we can offer unique prices and terms.

Let the kitchen be environmentally friendly! Our products are free of harmful substances, they degrade more easily, bacteria settle in a much smaller number compared to plastic, and wood is proven to be antibacterial.

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